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Whole 30 2: Day 9

Whole 30 2: Day 9

I’m feeling pretty much back to normal after being really sick a few days into my Whole 30.

Even so, I had a pretty comforting breakfast of crispy smashed potatoes and fried eggs. Smashed potatoes are just baked potatoes that are smashed and pan seared on both sides. I found it easier to use smaller potatoes and split each potato in half before smashing because you get a flat surface to sit the potato on before you smash it and you get to brown more of the interior of the potato which is extra yummy.

I had the same lunch as described the day before, which is a kind of slow cooker chicken fajita, topped with avocado.

For dinner I made homemade mayo as the base for some quick creamy Italian dressing. 2 parts mayo, 1 part vinegar, garlic powder and Italian seasoning to taste. Couldn’t be easier. Added a burger patty seasoned with Primal Palate Steak Seasoning and small avocado. I love the small avocados because you can eat the whole thing which prevents it from getting brown and gross in the refrigerator. 

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