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Whole 30 2: Day 8

Whole 30 2: Day 8

Woohoo, this is my 500th blog post!

I felt a lot more energy this morning! It may sound funny, but I am proud of myself for taking some time off to heal from my illness. I told myself this year that when I felt bad or when I needed downtime, I wasn’t going to soldier on anymore. I need to choose me more often. I need to say “no” and take breaks, and have down time.

I had a simple breakfast of 2 eggs and a banana.

For lunch I had the chicken that I cooked in the crockpot on Monday but didn’t feel like eating, topped with a small avocado. Here’s a quick recipe: 1 lb chicken thighs, 1-14 oz bag frozen mixed peppers and onions, 1 8-oz can green chilies, 1 tbsp each chili powder and cumin, a half cup each water and salsa. Cook on low for 8 hours.


For dinner I had a burger salad and made one of my favorites, homemade mayo made with avocado oil. Mayo made with avocado is my favorite compared to light olive oil because it’s more buttery. 

I even went to the gym today! It felt good to be really back on track.

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