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Whole 30 2: Day 4

Whole 30 2: Day 4

Since I just got back to California late last night, I didn’t have any food at home I got a quick breakfast of a hard boiled egg, fruit, and tea at Peet’s Coffee. 

Here’s a tip: when you are having breakfast out during your Whole 30, hard boiled eggs and poached eggs are the best because they are prepared in water and not questionable oils.

I had errands my first day back—exciting ones which will take this blog to the next level—when I got hungry for lunch. Fortunately, my old staple from my first Whole 30 was right in the area! There aren’t a lot of Freebirds in California, but I think they are a great choice for Whole 30 because they have good quality meats and lots of toppings to keep our meal interesting. 

I got a salad and asked for extra greens since I wasn’t going to be getting beans and rice, grass-fed beef, pico de gallo, salsa, and guacamole. I used fresh lime juice and a mixture of mild and hot sauce as dressing. 

I went grocery shopping in time for dinner, but took the easy route on the protein and used some prosciutto, which is an Italian air-cured ham that only contains pork and salt, so it’s perfect for Whole 30. I made a spring mix salad with yellow cherry tomatoes, green and black olives, pine nuts, red onion, and dressed with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and a sprinkle of oregano.

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