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Whole 30 2: Day 2

Whole 30 2: Day 2

Day 1 of my Whole 30 number 2 was pretty easy. Today I have been dealing with some craving for some chocolate and the desire to snack, but I didn’t give in.

I had a small breakfast because I knew I was going out to lunch with my mom. I only ate half of what I prepared, which was 1 chopped up leftover turkey burger, a few slices of tomato, and some spinach cooked in olive oil plus some decaf green tea. I will probably have the leftovers scrambled with some eggs tomorrow. 

Lunch was the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday. I had luck with salad bars during my last Whole 30, which was the case today as well! I had this one plate of salad. I also had about 10 grapes and 10 more chunks of apple while my mom finished her salad.

I was surprised how little I ate and how I didn’t need to snack until dinner. I realized that I tend to eat more when I have the cheese, nuts (which I avoided because they are roasted in bad oils), and creamy dressings. It’s pretty cool this early on in my Whole 30 to realize I often overeat just because these foods are so yummy and not because I am actually hungry.

In the afternoon I had a decaf Americano, plain, of course (not pictured).

For dinner, I had a bit more of a substantial appetite. Mom and I prepared a tray of boneless, skinless chicken thighs and a mixture of Brussels sprouts and russet potatoes roasted together. I wanted the seasoning to taste like ranch dressing, so I used dried dill, parsley, garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper, along with olive oil, on both the chicken and the veggies, and roasted them about 45 min at 400. I had another half serving of veggies after this (not pictured). I think next time I’ll add some lemon for some extra zing that ranch has.

Then the snack monster hit! So annoying. I had a clementine, an apple, a few green olives, and a handful of pistachios. I really wanted chocolate chips! I hope these cravings go away and I start to feel the tiger blood soon!

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