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Whole 30 2: Day 19

Whole 30 2: Day 19

I had a super protein-packed breakfast today! I only had a few leftover salmon cakes from last night’s dinner. I found some chicken sausages that didn’t have any added sugar or nitrates. I made some tartar sauce to go with the salmon cakes: homemade mayo, Dijon mustard, dill, whole grain mustard, minced onion, and minced capers.

Lunch was more leftovers of one of my favorite staples: Thai turkey and some vegetables. I have been repeating this picture because one of the disadvantages of a packed lunch is that by the time I get it to work it usually doesn’t look this pretty.

I felt so amazing with all this extra protein today! I have been dealing with strong urges to snack, especially for cheese and chocolate, almost every day. The cravings are the worst at night. But I’ve noticed that my meals in the early part of the day dictates how strong my cravings are in the evening.

I had a pretty light dinner of leftover tuna salad and raw vegetables. 

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