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Letting Go! (Monday Musings: January 29, 2018)

Letting Go! (Monday Musings: January 29, 2018)

Decluttering has been in my radar for a while, but there are those nagging thing that are so hard to let go of.

This may sounds like a minor problem, but I have a bunch of layering t-shirts that have nothing to go with. They’re just odd colors. I mean, they’re just t-shirts, so I don’t feel compelled to make a special trip to a store just to buy something to go with them. Plus they were taking up valuable closet space. But I felt like investing in them at one time, so surely they are worth something?

I finally stepped back and realized some of these things were just “ok”. I realized that each item played it’s role in creating joy in my life and now it was time to let it go…I gave myself permission to finally let go of the things that I once loved but was now tolerating. But on the bright side, I imagined all the room I was creating in my life for good things to happen!

Part of my decluttering has been selling stuff on ThredUp* with good success, but based on additional decluttering I felt ready to finally try Poshmark*, and within 24 hours of posting things I made my first sale!

I am so looking forward to whatever the universe will bring to fill up that t-shirt-sized gap in my life!

…I’m not ready to move onto the cookbooks yet

So my question is for you: what are you tolerating in your life that you’re ready to let go?

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  • It is very hard to let go of the things in your life that you thought had value, but the time does come when you have to let go to bring new and better into your life. My husband and I have joined the “decluttering” bandwagon and it is so liberating. I have found that getting rid of and cleaning out the things is your life add peace and actually give you more time to enjoy, you don’t have to worry about keeping this stuff running and clean. Try it, I highly recommend it.

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