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Monday Musings: December 25, 2017

Monday Musings: December 25, 2017

For those of you celebrating, Merry Christmas! If not, I hope you are having a lovely day wherever you are in the world.

It’s been a while since I did a Monday Musings post. The last one was October. October was a tough month because I live in Napa and due to the wildfires I ended up leaving due to the smoke. I couldn’t work in my normal place of work and wasn’t at home, so not only were my Monday Musings goals kind of messed up, I didn’t get to post all the awesome Paleo Halloween recipes that I wanted. Looking forward to October 2018 so I can post all those special recipes!

But I realized something important during that. The way I was working towards my Happiness Project goals was marking off accomplishing things every day, doing a little bit to chip away at a larger goal, but I actually prefer having one day a week to work on a for a longer period of time. I end up getting a lot more done. This was especially nice for my online food photography class. I would rather do 5 10-minute lessons in a row than do 1 10-minute lesson across 5 days.

I also kept putting the same things on my happiness project list over and over again, which ironically didn’t make me happy! These things were those insidious “shoulds.” Should is such an oppressive word! I think I need to take a step back from those tasks and not allocate too much mental energy towards completing them or, more often, getting annoyed at myself for not completing them. The house isn’t going to fall down around me if I forget to make my bed one day, leave a few dishes in the sink at night because I’m too tired to do them, and if I am too physically and mentally drained it’s definitely ok to take a rest day from the gym and recover.

The new direction I want to take Monday Musings is towards philosophies that come to mind based on all the podcasts and books I read, along with spur of the moment inspiration. That’s not to say I am a guru at these and I’m not judging you if you are not in a place to follow through with my idea. I am in the same place as you, working to optimize my life to make sure it is as well-lived as I can manage.

On that note, my first Monday Musings thought of the week is to “slow down and savor.” 

The definition of “savor” is:

taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely.

But it is also to:

enjoy or appreciate (something pleasant) completely, especially by dwelling on it.

While I hope you enjoy delicious foods of the season, I really want to focus on the latter definition.

When was the last time you savored the wind on your face, the scent of a flower, or the sound of laughter?

So on this special day, I hope you slow down and take some mental Polaroids to savor all through 2018.
Happy Holidays,

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