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Valentine’s Day was two weeks ago, but…

I don’t know why February seems to have flown by at the speed of light, so I missed posting what I made for Valentine’s Day! The real reason for this retrospective post is because I found both a new chef and a new recipe that I have become enamored with (which was appropriate for Valentine’s if I do say so myself). Lorraine Pascale, whose show “Baking Made Easy” is featured on BBC (which I don’t get as I live in the US however I have been watching clips of her on youtube), focuses on baking made easy. Baking can take a lot of time, so I love baking recipes that can fit into my busy life. For the people in my office, I decided to make some of her Cookies and Cream brownies. I was attracted to this recipe because, besides the huge amount of cookies being added, it almost was like a flour-less chocolate cake in brownie form (there is a touch of flour, however). The method was so unique I was curious as to the type of brownie it would make. She described them as dense and fudgy, and after tasting them I would have to agree. Because I followed the recipe exactly, I’m not going to re-post the recipe. You can find the recipe here as well as watch Lorraine make these decadent brownies on these youtube videos (which I watched while I was making these). They aren’t health food, but one little square was a nice treat.

I had to add the Valentine sprinkles…

On a comical note to this review, I had stowed the baking dish of brownies along with a little spatula in the office so the brownies could be eaten over several days. Well, oddly enough the dish “walked off.” I’m not going to go so far as to say someone stole my dish. Rather, I’d like to think someone loved the brownies so much they wanted to take the pan home with them. As much as I want my pan back, I hope whomever took it enjoyed the brownies. The spatula is another story, because it was a part of my cheese knife set….oh well.

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