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Monday Musings: Happiness Project – April

Monday Musings: Happiness Project – April

The beginning of the year started out rocky, as I relayed in my last Monday Musings post.

This month I set some new goals for myself as re-addressed old goals that were starting to slip. I had gotten out the other habit of exercising while recovering from surgery, so that is at the top of my list! My favorite form of exercise has been walking and hiking. I know tough workouts like HIIT and power lifting are all the rage but you can’t underestimate a long walk to relax you!

My sleep has started to get screwy again, so I got some blue light-blocking glasses. I also got a new grown-up coloring book (appropriately, the Happiness Project coloring book by Gretchen Rubin) and markers and I’ve been ending my day with coloring.

Since I re-launched this blog with the new url and gave it a face lift, it’s no surprise that I’ve dedicated myself to coming up with new recipes. So far my imagination has gone crazy coming up with new ideas, and it’s definitely added to my happiness! It’s still been pretty rainy so it’s hard to take good food photos so I’ve at least been recipe testing. Meal prep adds to my happiness because it de-stresses me, so that’s on my list as well.

Since it’s mid-April, I’ve already started to work on these goals. In a couple weeks I’ll update my progress and tell you my May goals!

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