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First PaleoPax Monthly Tasting Box

Last week I received my first box from PaleoPax, an online store for Paleo snacks. I signed up for a month-to-month plan, and the main reason I signed up is because I had a coupon code from Fast Paleo, one of my favorite recipe resources. I was also curious to try some new snacks, because sometimes I get stuck in a rut when it comes to eating. I also frequently need snacks that can be stored at room temperature in my desk drawer or can be carried in my backpack, so a sample of these snacks seemed helpful. 

The snacks I received were: 1 Simple Squares Cinnamon Clove Whole Food Snack Bar, 1 packet mixed fruit Freeze Dried Crunchies, 1 Bacon Lovers Paleo Krunch Bar, 1 packet Just Peas freeze dried peas, and 1 package Caveman Fuel Jerky.

My initial impression was a little bit of disappointment because each package seemed quite small (the largest item was only 1.6 oz). I hoped the quality of each item would help me overcome my initial feelings, which was actually what happened. I took the box with me when I recently traveled to San Antonio. I was lucky the box arrived when I did because it was nice to have such an assortment of snacks on the road. I liked each snack a lot! My favorite item was a tie between the Cinnamon Clove bar and the fruit Crunchies. I love spices and the bar was only lightly sweetened, so it was a great snack. The portion of the Crunchies was small, but they reminded me of fruity kids cereal with a tangy fruit flavor. Both were great! I was hesitant about the Bacon Lovers bar because, while I love bacon and grain-free granolas, I didn’t know if it would taste nice. I was pleasantly surprised, however. The bacon flavor was mild and it added a nice salty edge to the sweet raisins. The jerky was good because it was lightly spiced but also because it wasn’t too dry and was cut very thin, so it wasn’tdifficult to chew compared to thick cut jerky. The peas really surprised me because I thought they would be bland since they are unseasoned, however they reminded me of Ritz crackers, or what I think Ritz crackers taste like. I haven’t had one in over a year! My parents didn’t like them, but I found them to be a great snack because they were super crunchy and subtly sweet. I couldn’t eat the whole pack as a snack because they were surprisingly satisfying. My mom didn’t like them alone but thought they’d be nice in a salad; it might be good to try!

Simple Squares
Paleo Krunch Bar

For my final comments, while I was initially disappointed by the small packages, the quality of the products redeemed themselves despite the lack in quantity. The jerky lasted me 3 snacks because I ate it with fruit. The peas were two snacks for me, while the other items proved to be single servings. I’m going to receive another box next month, and if I am satisfied with those snacks, I will continue to order boxes and/or order specific favorites from each box, such as the Simple Bars and the jerky. I also have some inspiration to make my own grain-free granola bars. I found the Crunchies at my local supermarket, and now that I know I like freeze dried fruit and vegetables, I might try the ones from and see if they are good as well.

5 thoughts on “First PaleoPax Monthly Tasting Box”

  • Well, I have to say that Bella is correct, the peas were bland to me w/not much flavor, but feel they would be great in a salad to replace a crouton for the needed crunch, but were great to take on the road! Mina

  • I bought the caveman Fuel jerky in original flavor and it was so bad I had to throw it away. The company refused to stand behind their product even after I contacted them and offered to ship their almost full bag of jerky back to them. Dealing with them was a horrible experience. There are plenty of other on line retailers catering to the Paleo diet. Buy from them!

  • That's too bad you had a bad experience ordering from them. Thanks for letting us know. I don't prefer jerky as a snack but I have ordered Sophia's jerky chews and like the spicy ones.

  • Thanks Cassandra,

    I will try them. I checked out her site and it looks very informative, pricing is much better and I am sure I will enjoy her products much more.

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